Decorative Concrete Cladding and Flooring Professionals and Stone and Concrete Countertop Manufacturers can rely on EAP. EAP’s unique qualities means that external stone and concrete surfaces are protected from acid attack, hot sauces and money other surface affecting substances. Surfaces, even highly polished non-stained concrete floors can etch and acid stains will often leave ugly white scars. Traditional acrylic sealers do not repel the food acids the way EAP does. EAP molecularly bonds below the surface and forms an extremely thin quartz-like film of protection over the surface. The finish is customisable and can appear glossy, satin or matt. Countertop manufactures can hone or polish EAP to their own unique look. EAP forms a microscopic surface protection that is virtually impenetrable and offers greater scratch resistance.

Benefits of our Product:

  • EAP stops the number one flooring and countertop customer disappointment – Food Acid Etching
  • More scratch and stain resistant than epoxy or acrylic polymer coating technology.
  • Graffiti wipe off, Uric Acid Proof, Automotive Fluid Proof, great for residential or commercial applications on concrete, stone or grout surfaces.

Why We Like EAP:

This is the world’s first single component product versatile enough to resist uric acid on bathroom floors and food acids on countertops, not to mention graffiti wipe on expensive exteriors. Weekly we recieve photos and testimonials from happy customers who have used EAP on their creative floors and countertops. The formula also works on wood, steel, porcelain, ceramics and many substrates.

Why EAP is better:

EAP has very low VOCC content and is easy to use. It can be pumped or HVLP sprayed onto large flooring applications and dries to a hard finish in less than 8 hours. It can be pigmented into a one-step stain and seal, or applied over acid stains, acetone stains, or decorative over products. It is very easy to repair and re-coat should that ever be necessary. The other unique property is the ability to imbed recycled materials into the coating such as glass, metal powders and anti-microbial agents.

Benefit to our customer:

EAP sealer is a new tool for professional installers that can be used outdoors or indoors and can be specified for kitchens. bathrooms, restaurants, automotive show rooms & warehouses. The versatility and ease of use makes EAP an excellent choice for projects that need maximum stand and food-acid protection. The ability to seal a countertop that includes wood inlays, steel, or recycled glass with one sealer is unique. Equally, concrete cladding once treated will offer greater resistance to weathering and enables easy removal of graffiti.

Alternatives to EAP:

The only comparative products would be epoxy or UV floor coatings in terms of stain and acid resistance. EAP however is in a class by itself in one-component sealing technology. Kinlock UK design UV formulas that perform equally if not better to EAP but require UV equipment to install. EAP is an excellent lower-cost solution than UV coatings for certain applications.