Formulated Protective Treatment against Graffiti, Chewing Gum, Motor Oils, Water Damage Mold & Algae and Food & Beverage stains.

With 0% VOC, (Volatile Organic Compounds) we believe KCS100N is the most environmentally friendly product available to date, incorporating the latest nanotechnology.

By molecularly bonding with the substrate and forming an invisible yet extremely tight and breathable protective treatment, this ensures that unlike conventional applications it is not susceptible to UV erosion and peeling, but works with the treated surface as a stabilizer and protecting against future fouling.

Althought the life expectancy will be conditional upon the substrate to which its applied, application of additional conditioning coats every 5 years will however provide active protection indefinitely.

Benefits of our Product:

  • Stabilizing Anti Fouling Protection
  • Environmentally Friendly, Safe for use around Children, Plants and Chemically Sensitive Situations
  • Exposure to Graffiti and Salt Water
  • Suitable for Internal and External Porous Surfaces
  • Simple to apply and Maintain
  • Coverage averaging at 50m2 per 5Ltr Container

KCS1000N Characteristics:

  • 100% U.V. Proof
  • Water-based
  • No VOC Formula
  • Transparent / Invisible finish
  • Permeates 100% below the surface
  • Lifetime No Peel Warranty
  • Contains No Silicone or Acrylics
  • Stops water damage including damage from saline pool systems
  • Permanent non-sacrificial graffiti treatment
  • Five Year Warranty – 10 year effectiveness